Performing RV Park | Goldendale, TX
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Performing RV Park | Goldendale, TX

Projected Annualized Return 12.9% - 14.9%

Targeted Investment Period

4 years

Risk Profile


Target Equity Multiple


Key Deal Points

Preferred Return Day 1: The RV park located in Gardendale, TX is a stabilized, cash flowing asset that will provide investors a return from day 1. 10% preferred return offered to minimum investments of $250k, 8% preferred return to minimum investments of $50k.

Expansion Potential: The property consists of 10 acres with an acre available to develop up to 33,000 square feet of self-storage.

Strong Economy: Situated between Odessa and Midland, Texas the area is experiencing low unemployment, strong job creation and economy.

An Investment in a High-Performing RV Park with Self-Storage Expansion Potential

Target Investor IRR: 12%-14%
Target Equity Multiple: 1.5X
Target Investment Period: 4 Years
Minimum Investment: $50,000