FreeUp Storage Madison Portfolio

Madison, WI

The FreeUp Storage Madison Portfolio consists of 2 self-storage properties in Madison, WI. This portfolio is value-add with expansion potential. The portfolio consists of 709 units over 108,570 square feet. The existing buildings are brand new, Class A builds.
  • Stabilized Facility

  • Diverse Unit Mix

  • Total 108,570 GSF

  • Strong Population Growth

  • Home to University of Wisconsin

  • Class-A Portfolio

  • Great Drive-by Visibility

  • Expansion Potential

  • Projected Day 1 Cash Flow

5 year
FreeUp Storage Madison PortfolioThe FreeUp Storage Madison Portfolio provides an equity investment opportunity. The equity hold period is projected to be five years. Class A members are investors who invest less than $1M. Class B members are those that invest $1M or more. Class B investors will receive an increase in ownership and overall return.
TermsClass A ($50,000 min.)
Preferred Return: 7%
5yr Target Total Return: 73.5%
Target Annual Return: 14.7%
Target IRR: 13%
Target Equity Multiple: 1.73x

Class B ($1,000,000 min.)
Preferred Return: 7%
5yr Target Total Return: 81.2%
Target Annual Return: 16.2%
Target IRR: 14.1%
Target Equity Multiple: 1.81x

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