Prior to getting approval to invest in a private offering from Spartan Investment Group, you will be required to show that you qualify as an accredited investor. 

There are many methods to qualify as an accredited investor, including providing supporting documentation of your assets or income, providing a letter from a licensed professional certifying your status as an accredited investor, or allowing third-party vendors to verify your status as an accredited investor. 

In some instances, a detailed bio stating your source of wealth, employment history, and income may also suffice. 

To upload this information in advance, please go to the top right hand corner of your screen under your name, and select “settings.” This should bring you to the “Investment Accounts” section. Click on the appropriate account for which you want to upload your letter, W2, bank account statement, trust document, or operating agreement. Scroll down to “Accreditation Status” and click “edit”. At the bottom of this page you can click “choose file” and upload your form here. 

For trusts, LLCs and other entities, we are required to collect the relevant legal agreements to ensure you are legally permitted to direct investments. For additional information about individual and entity accreditation requirements, please see the SEC website to review their guidelines ( alerts/investor-bulletins/investor-bulletin-ac…) or reach out to