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Our mission is to improve lives through real estate.

Real estate is our passion. Day in and day out we strive to find the best deals with multiple exit strategies and the opportunity to add value. At the core of our success is our partnerships with our investors, our development team, and our sales team.

Real estate is the most proven asset class in history. No other class of investment gives you as much control over the performance of the asset.

Investing in real estate gives you a multitude of potential benefits including monthly cash flow, gains from appreciation, tax benefits, multiple exit strategies per investment, and much more. Plus, unless you own millions of dollars of corporate stock, you can’t walk through your investment. With Spartan, we welcome all investors to our project sites.

Leslie B

This property won’t be on the market long. The renovation is spot on, nice quiet and private street, great yard space and an awesome garage. Quality workmanship is evident throughout with high-end appliances.

Brian K

Spartan Investment Group proves to be very knowledgeable in their field, professional and only looking for incredible properties that give back a good return to the investor. They have the trust factor. It all comes down to who you are investing with.

Steven B

Our quarterly distribution was twice what we had originally expected.  The SIG team continues to over-deliver and over-achieve.

William H

I have invested in several projects with Spartan Investment Group over the past few years. In every instance they have been consummate professionals and the ventures have always been profitable. They never hesitate to provide any information that I ask for and always give thorough and clear updates on all of their projects. The information they provide in video teleconferences and briefs demonstrate complete knowledge of the markets and types of projects that they invest in. SIG’s partners have experience and knowledge of a broad scope of industries and always have their eyes open for new opportunities, creating a consistent flow of worthwhile investments.

I will continue to invest with SIG and I would recommend them to any other investor who wants safe, reliable returns.

Kaitlin B

Spartan recently invested in a property near my home and they requested that we coordinate upgrades to our utility services so they could complete their work. As most homeowners know, dealing with local service providers can be incredibly difficult – not to mention frustrating – and Ryan was incredibly helpful, generous with his time, and patient. He coordinated electricity upgrades and ensured it was done quickly and safely. I absolutely recommend this firm to folks that are interested in investing around the DC metro area. They were a pleasure to work with!