FreeUp Storage DFW Portfolio

Dallas, TX

The FreeUp Storage DFW Portfolio is an 18 property portfolio spread out around the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. This offering is now live. Please contact a member of our Investor Relations team at for more information or to gain access to our investor portal.
  • Stabilized Portfolio

  • Total 742,285 GSF

  • Strong Market Fundamentals

  • 160,000 Sq. Ft. of Self-Storage Expansion

  • Projected Day 1 Cash Flow

  • Economies of Scale with Other Spartan Properties

5 Years
Target ReturnsThe target hold period is five years.
Class A members are those who invest less than $2M. Class B members are those who invest $2M or more. Class B investors will receive an increase in ownership and overall return.

Class A ($50,000 minimum):
Preferred Return: 7.5%
5 yr Target Total Return: $93,833
Target Annual Return: 17.5%
Target IRR: 15%
Target Equity Multiple: 1.88x

Class B ($2M+ Investment):
Preferred Return: 7.5%
5 Year Target Total Return: $3,953,978
Target Annual Return: 19.5%
Target IRR: 16.2%
Target Equity Multiple: 1.98x

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