A storage fund focusing on acquiring self-storage assets in secondary and tertiary markets in the US that are complimentary to Spartan's existing portfolio of properties. The Spartan Income Fund is focused on existing, value-add self-storage facilities that generate consistent monthly cash flow. In addition to cash flow, investors also share in the upside potential from the sale. Overall, this fund is for those looking for passive income, upside potential, and year-one depreciation.

fund total
70/30Split in favor
of investors
5 Yearanticipated
life of fund

investment criteria

Spartan Storage Income Fund is a $75M fund that welcomes accredited investors to invest in value-add self-storage in key markets throughout the US. The Spartan Storage Income Fund purchases well-vetted self-storage investment opportunities. The fund allows our investors to spread out risk, potentially earn better returns, and reduce investment complexity. Spartan puts every investment through our 700+ point due diligence checklist. Everything we do focuses on mitigating risk.

  • Under performing
    self storage facilities
  • >40,000 Net
    Rentable SF
  • Opportunities to increase
    SF through expansion
  • Leverage economis of scale
    with exisiting Spartan facilities
  • Positive cash
    flow facilities
  • 15-25 Facilities in diverse
    secondary & tertiary markets

Targeted Fund Returns

14-20%annualized returns
5 Yeartarget hold period
4-8%cash flow
1.7x-2.0xequity multiplier

Cash Flow Projections

Return Structure

Investors have the opportunity to invest in Class A, Class B, or Class C Limited Partnership Interests.

LIMITED PARTNERAClass A $50,000 MinimumClass A Limited Partner's receive a preferred return of 7% and a 70/30 split until a 14% hurdle is achieved, then a 50/50 split thereafter.
LIMITED PARTNERBClass B $1M MinimumClass B Limited Partner's receive a preferred return of 8% and a 70/30 split until a 15% hurdle is achieved, then a 55/45 split thereafter.
LIMITED PARTNERCClass C $3M MinimumClass C Limited Partner's receive a preferred return of 8% and a 70/30 split until a 16% hurdle is achieved, then a 60/40 split thereafter.

What are the Benefits of Investing Early?


Those who invest in the first 45 days of the offering will benefit from a stepped-up share class which positions the investor for better returns and overall split, affording more benefits such as depreciation.


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